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Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-ui-sugar-iaep at silbe.org
Sun Jun 27 10:14:02 EDT 2010

Excerpts from Bernie Innocenti's message of Sat Jun 26 07:34:16 +0200 2010:

> <ericb2> http://www.educoo.org/pages/partenaires/ 
> <ericb2> Adam sent me some machines, and you are counted as partner  
> <ericb2> you means "Sugar Labs" 
While AFAICT it's nice to have Sugar Labs mentioned on that page, it
appears to credit Sugar Labs for something OLPC has provided.
Leaning out of the window a bit (*) I'd say the use of the logo and name
in this context is fair use anyway, so while it helps to mention this
"use case" on the examples page, there's no need for SLOBS to (explicitly)
permit it.

> Besides the waste of time, I'm afraid that acting like a bunch of
> paranoid attorneys when interacting with our partners and contributors
> would hurt Sugar Labs' public image way more than the tiny chance of our
> logo receiving an undeserved acknowledgment somewhere.


(*) I don't speak french, so I'm relying on machine translation.
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