[IAEP] Gnome vs Sugar -- The judgement day

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Jun 26 20:06:43 EDT 2010

El Sat, 26-06-2010 a las 13:42 +0100, Peter Robinson escribió:
> > And presumably, one thing that could be done from Terminal is to
> > install the control-panel section.
> yum install olpc-switch-desktop
> would do that for you.

Yup! :)

BTW, we've found a workable solution to the problem of yum being
unusably slow and memory hungry on the XO-1: if we disable by default
the fedora repositories, yum runs really quickly and does not download
too much metadata.

This command:

  yum --disablerepo fedora --disablerepo updates -y update

Runs in 27 seconds the first time, 4 seconds the second time.

If we add back all the rpms we ship to our custom repository, we could
do small system upgrades with yum in a relatively affordable way.

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