[IAEP] Problems with "Best OS Image Ever"

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OK, I decided that if I am going to get into "trouble", I might as well do it with the more recent 180 build.  I have it downloading now.  Will these same instructions (see below) work?  Does anyone have a link to better ones?  They need to be fairly easy to understand, as the ones below are (even though they don't seem to be totally correct).  I am interesting in getting a dual boot to show some teachers from the Crow and Northern Cheyanne reservations when Scott Dowdle (MSU and Bozeman LUG) and I meet with them next week at MSU (Montana State University).
Thanks folks!Caryl (aka SweetXOGrannie)
BTW... yes, the target machine works fine in 0.82.1

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Subject: [IAEP] Problems with "Best OS Image Ever"


I would like to try the dual boot software for the XO-1 that Bernie and his team have developed in Paraguay. I've downloaded: 



I am trying to follow the instructions at:


I am trying to do the following:

Step Four.

Boot your XO. Hold down Escape while booting. This is the key on the upper left of the keyboard.

Step 5.

You are now hopefully at an "OpenFirmware" prompt.
Type in "disable-security" and press Enter.
Let it do what it wants to do.

But, holding down the Escape key doesn't have any effect.  It just does a regular boot. The XO is running Sugar 0.82.1.  I have a developer key installed.

Any suggestions?  Is it possible I need to re-install the developer key?

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