[IAEP] Introduction: Researching Sugar Graphics

JT Mengel jtmengel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 15:02:10 EDT 2010


My name's Scott 'JT' Mengel and I'm working at RIT on a research fellowship
along with David Silverman on graphics for constrained platforms, targeting
the Sugar OS on the XO laptop using Python.

Our work is focused on researching best practices for incorporating graphics
and animations with Python on the XO, as well as documenting the data and
methods used to collect it.

Currently we have gathered a small amount of test data which we have
mentioned on our blogs; if you have any comments, suggestions, or want to
talk about our research, please feel free to contact me here at
JTMengel at gmail.com or track our blog entries (link below).

-Scott 'JT' Mengel

JT Mengel's blog <http://foss.rit.edu/blog/15>
Dave Silverman's blog <http://foss.rit.edu/blog/14>
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