[IAEP] [Design] Multiple instances of same activity (Was: First steps with Sugar)

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Tue Jun 15 21:12:55 EDT 2010

> Has anyone seen good real world cases where allowing multiple instances of
> the same activity to be run was useful or a vaguely common practice?
I use multiple instances all the time. Particularly for comparing things,
but also for copying bits out of one and into another.

1. write about how you describe yourself
2. write about how your family describe you
3. write about why they might be different
You need to see the first two texts to carry out the third part of the

You can have the same requirement for multiple instances in many activities
- using a calculator, browsing the internet, drawing pictures, all sorts.
What if I create something in phsyics or etoys or scratch, and want to
create something else to go with it but want to do it in another place so I
don't wreck the first bit, then want to join them both together. I want to
build on my first concept in one way and another way, then compare the
different paths I took and see which was better.

These are valuable to the learning process. I think multiple instances are
very important.

I have experienced the frustration of low memory issues and would rather
have the option to wait for the laptop to recover or even restart the
laptop, than not have multiple instances as an option. IMHO.

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