[IAEP] Apple Eases Restrictions On iPhone Developers

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The reason I told Steve a few years ago to make the iPhone screen at least 5" by 8" is that the small screens on phones are *really really bad* for good use in education (especially for children). This is amazingly not at all understood by a vast number of "educators".




Evidently "Steve" forgot to tell his developers and marketing departments. This is just a small sampling of what is out there:




Actually I would love to see some recent hard data from real educational research about the effects/affects of screen size (or type size?) on children.  We all know that primers begin children with large type and that the books progress to smaller type as the child gets older.  

However, some very bright children move to smaller type books ahead of their age cohort.  Is this harmful?  Should these children be held back for fear of damaging them? What does neuroscience and educational research have to say about this?
As an aside to developers, I notice Apple is already touting the "educational apps" that are available. Be sure you don't re-invent the wheel... unless, of course, it is a much better wheel! (Which I'm sure it will be.)

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