[IAEP] Mirabelle for Macs

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 11 11:19:58 EDT 2010


Your friendly Mac-person here...

I am on this page:


I have started the SoaS image download.

When I clicked on the second link for the image-writer-mac tool, the download was almost instantaneous. It gave me a text file that is supposed to be "image-writer-mac."  It does not appear to be an executable program file.  Do I cut-and-paste it into terminal or what?  

Also, you don't mention the Boot helper disk which works fine when using Strawberry and Blueberry on a Mac.  Does Mirabelle not work with the Boot helper?
I haven't started on 88.1 yet. I want to get Mirabelle working first.

I really would like to see all of this become very Mac friendly since a large (maybe 50+) percentage of educational users have Macs.


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