[IAEP] [Testing] deployment meeting and how we can support through testing

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Do these times take into account Daylight Savings Time? If so, I have added the "Left Coast." see below...Caryl

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Subject: Re: [Testing] [IAEP] deployment meeting and how we can support	through testing

Just tried using http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ to get an idea of times, here are two examples 

California/Oregon/Washington 8:30pm Wednesday
Lima, Mexico 10.30pm Wednesday

New York, Boston 11.30pm Wednesday

Buenos Aires, Montevideo 12.30am Thursday

Paris, Brussels 5.30am Thursday

New Delhi 9.00am Thursday

Kathmandu 9.15am Thursday

Sydney, Melbourne 1.30pm Thursday

Auckland 3.30pm Thursday


California/Oregon/Washington 2pm ThursdayLima, Mexico 4pm Thursday
New York, Boston 5pm Thursday
Buenos Aires, Montevideo 6pm Thursday
Paris, Brussels 11pm Thursday
New Delhi 2.30am Friday - oh dear 
Kathmandu 2.45am Friday - oh dear 

Sydney, Melbourne 7am Friday
Auckland 9am Friday

The unfortunate reality of time zones is that someone is going to lose sleep whenever we run it

There is a meeting planner that we can use if we know which countries are coming -  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html


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