[IAEP] OLPC Realness Summit

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Jun 4 12:53:49 EDT 2010

El Thu, 03-06-2010 a las 13:13 +0200, Tomeu Vizoso escribió:
> Those are very well done, you can give them again in the next Sugar Camp.

Speaking of which... when would be a good time for you? And where could
we do it this time?

After organizing two camps in the US and two in Europe, for a change we
may want to consider Latin America. Unfortunately, flights from US and
Europe are really expensive, something like $700-1000.

> Why you don't use Ikiwiki? It has a git backend and the colleagues at
> Collabora use (and maintain it), their blogs are syndicated in our
> planet.

I like Ikiwiki because it shares many of the design ideas with my own
wiki, including being really minimalistic and orthogonal.

However, I'm afraid I fell into an open source lock-in trap: over the
years, I've evolved GeekiGeeki to perfectly fit 100% of my web presence
needs: blogging, photo/video gallery, project pages, notes... Now that
it fits me like a shoe, switching to something else would be simply
unthinkable :-)

Anyway, RSS/Atom support takes very little effort after adding globs and
sorting to the syntax for template inclusion:


This is what it produces:


And this is the (bogus) Atom output:


I still need to think of a general way to prevent automatic escaping of
tags in the header and footer... Then I could refactor the templates in
such a way that would let me throw away all the special-purpose python
code from the first iteration.

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