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Werner Westermann wernerio at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 23:11:46 EDT 2010

Hello to all.

Sugar Labs Chile held a stand in FUDCon meeting in Santiago, showing Sugar
through XOs as well as Classmates running SoaS:


In a lightning talk, we asked for ways coordinating Fedora's community
contribution with Sugar development and maintenance, and coordinating
support for local deployments.  We had the pleasure to meet Guillermo Gómez
(alias Gomix), a publicly known venezuelan contributor in the Fedora latam
community.  Guillermo coordinates volunteer work and recruitment and had
good ideas on how to promote help on maintaining Sugar packages for Fedora
as well as development through Rpmdev project (

So please feel free to coordinate efforts, and running this to other lists.
Best regards,


2010/7/15 Werner Westermann <wernerio at gmail.com>

> Thank you both, I'll reportning back what bridges we can make.  Best
> wishes,
> werner
> 2010/7/14 Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at sugarlabs.org>
> On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 23:47, Werner Westermann <wernerio at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > Hello to all.
>> >
>> > FUDCon is celebrated this year in Santiago, Chile and SugarLabs Chile
>> will
>> > be participating with a stand and a lightning talk (we found just last
>> week
>> > so we couldn't break in the agenda of longer talks).  This event will
>> > congregate a lot of Fedora contributors from Latin América.
>> >
>> > ¿What are the major and urgent tasks or challenges for the Fedora
>> community
>> > related to Sugar, as a spin?, ¿how can local deployments foster Sugar
>> > development as a spin?
>> If attendance will be mostly from neighbouring countries, I would
>> recommend to focus on divulging how Fedora+Sugar is being used in the
>> area today and the plans for the future, and to talk mostly about the
>> needs of these deployments.
>> I was surprised a few weeks ago to know about FOSS advocates from
>> Uruguay that didn't knew that the software used in their schools is
>> not proprietary. My impression is that some groups are still in
>> "complain mode" and will take some nudging for them to realize that
>> the situation has changed and the ball is in our side.
>> Regards,
>> Tomeu
>> > Whatever thoughts are welcomed.  Best wishes,
>> >
>> > werner
>> >
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