[IAEP] Scenarios for licensing our trademarks

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Fri Jan 29 11:10:31 EST 2010

Hi Sean,

   > I don't see how the opposite is true. Just look at Sony.  To be
   > clear, by "freely" I mean without conditions. The snag is that I
   > don't see how we can be sure we have a legal handle on acceptance
   > of our conditions without an explicit license. Again, this is a
   > change from my original position of two weeks ago.

I think the reason I'm quick to assume this is possible is that it's
how the GPL works.  Either you are complying with its conditions,
in which case you have a (copyright) license, or you are out of
compliance with its conditions, in which case you don't.

I don't see why the same idea of an automatic license that is only
granted while its conditions are met would fail to be usable in a
trademark license, but maybe there's a reason I haven't thought of.


- Chris.
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