[IAEP] Fwd: #1690 UNSP: Retain font and size in Write Activity

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net
Fri Jan 29 04:57:55 EST 2010

What do people think? Should we default to non-serif? Should we start
new instances of Write with the font that was selected last?



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#1690: Retain font and size in Write Activity
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 Dear madam, sir,
 The Write Activity has a preset font (Dejavu Serif) and font  size (12
 pts). The font size is much too small for young students and a serif font
 is rather unusual when learing to read and write. No reading/writing
 method in the Neterhlands uses serif fonts and we expect the same in other

 Would it be possible to select font and size _and retain_ them in such a
 way that at a next startup it is not necessary to set font and size again

 This feature would be much appreciated. We know font and size can be hard
 hard coded on every XO, but those settings are lost with every upgrade.

 Thank you in advance for reading our request,
 with amicable greetings, and thank you for a great project!

 Dirk Schouten
 Public Primary School Rosa Boekdrukker
 the Netherlands

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