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Hello Caryl, regards from Santiago, Chile.  I am glad you had a good and
productive time in Buenos Aires.

2010/1/26 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>

> Matilde had contacted OLPC asking for help with finding good ways to use
> the computers with her 200 students and 13 teachers.  Gonzalo and I showed
> them several programs available via Sugar on a Stick and I gave Gabriel a
> Google translation of the instructions for creating both Strawberry and
> Blueberry versions of SoaS.

Here's a resource we elaborated that can be usefull to spanish communities:


> Gonzalo is part of SugarLabs Argentina and plans to have the group work
> with Matilde and her staff. They are planning to schedule some teacher
> training sessions and other good things. Matilde wants to start slowly with
> two second grade classes and work from there. The teachers of these classes
> are very interested in participating.

We are also planning to deploy our first pilot intervention in Chile, to
work with 3rd graders, this is the resume of the proposal:


We should asure to be most open in our efforts.  Best wishes,

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