[IAEP] SocialCalc on Sugar version #5 release

Manusheel Gupta manu at laptop.org
Fri Jan 22 13:31:07 EST 2010

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce the release of the version #5 of SocialCalc
activity on Sugar.

We have introduced a number of features in SocialCalc on Sugar since the
last community release -

1. *Localization* in Spanish, Afrikaans, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, Russian,
Chinese (simplified), French, German and Portuguese.
2. *Ability* to *read* and *edit *single sheet Excel .xls files.
3. *Sharing* of activity over the mesh network.
4. *Ability* to *read* and* edit* single sheet Lotus notes.
5. *Optimization* of the* save files*. The sheet extents will include just
the part that has data. This feature also "canonicalizes" the saved data in
other ways, such as removing no longer used formats and color definitions
from the save file.
6. *Localization* made *easy*, especially of text in the user interface. All
of the text that is normally seen during operation is now easily localizable
by changing a single file, socialcalcconstants.js.

Wish to express my thanks to team members - Dan Bricklin, whose invaluable
support and guidance has been integral to develop SocialCalc for the Sugar
environment; Vijit Singh, Software Engineer at SEETA <http://seeta.in> ;
Luke Closs and K.S. Preeti, developers' of the JS-Python communication
through XOCOM package; Nicholas Doiron, the author of the graphing features;
Mahesh Sharma from SEETA <http://seeta.in> for developing interoperability
between SocialCalc on Sugar and Excel (.xls format); Claudia Urrea and
Reuben Caron for localizing SocialCalc on Sugar to Spanish; Diksha Khatri
and Lakky Rawat for localizing SocialCalc on Sugar to Hindi, Chinese
(simplified), French, German and Portuguese; Sakshi Chawla for localizing
SocialCalc on Sugar to Afrikaans, Japanese, Arabic and Russian (Google
translator was used for translating SocialCalc to all these languages,
except Spanish, which was localized by Claudia and Reuben. If you wish to
review and improve the translation, please send an e-mail to manu at seeta.in).

Wish to express my gratitude to Walter Bender, Adam Holt, Caroline Meeks and
Samuel J. Klein for their wonderful support and encouragement as always.

Please visit -

1. *SocialCalc on Sugar *-

2. *SocialCalc on Sugar wiki page* -

3. *Download pages* - the version #5 along with its source code can be
downloaded from http://seeta.in/j/downloads.html or from

4. *For Educators*

*    Video on using Charting Tools* -
    * Guide for using Charting Tools* -

We look forward to hearing your feedback and experience with SocialCalc on
Sugar. We started a group about SocialCalc on Sugar for educators, content
engineers, developers, translators, curriculum developers, testers and
graphic designers on ScalableC (www.scalablec.com) to share ideas,
collaborate and engineer curriculum materials and develop case-studies on
using SocialCalc on Sugar at schools. Please join the group if you are a
member at ScalableC. If you are not a member, please ask for an invitation
at http://www.scalablec.com/register.php with the message "interested in
joining SocialCalc on Sugar group".

If you would like to put in a feature request, or submit a bug report,
please do so at http://testtrack.seeta.in , or e-mail us at
socialcalc.sugar at seeta.in.

Hope you enjoy working with SocialCalc on Sugar.


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