[IAEP] [SoaS] 2 Major Sugar Issues

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Fri Jan 22 09:04:05 EST 2010

Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi...
> Two rather huge issues:
> 1) Sugar Labs does not have Spanish translations available on either the
> SoaS Strawberry or Blueberry web pages. I wanted to print these out to
> take to the school in Argentina that wants to do a Sugar deployment in
> the PC lab in one of their elementary schools. There doesn't even seem
> to be an autotranslate button. We can't expect the whole world to be
> able to read and understand English.

I'm unfortunately not fluent in Spanish (in fact, not at all). If 
somebody wants to take on this and translate things, this would be very 
helpful, though. Another thing might be to put the links into Google 
Translate, but this won't necessarily result in a sensible translation.

> 2) I thought the issue with trying to burn a CD with Blueberry on it to
> take to Argentina was due to my inexperience with a Windows machine. Not
> so. My son, "the PC guru", tried to do it on his computer yesterday and
> it would not work there either. He tried twice. It stalled on the
> liveusb-creator. He was able to reboot with no serious problems like I
> had the day before on the hp netbook.

Was he trying to burn onto the CD with Blueberry? This shouldn't be 
needed, he can just use his favorite disc burning application.

> He was able to create a cd with Strawberry. Hopefully it will work. If
> all else fails, I still have a very old copy of Strawberry in a Virtual
> Box on my Mac that works fairly well.

Ah, cool! :)

> These folks are eager to get something going with Sugar in Argentina
> without waiting for a big government project that will buy XOs. We need
> to help them by solving these 2 major issues.



> Caryl
> =

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