[IAEP] New and revised chapters of "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!" ready for review, feedback

Jim Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 11:24:50 EST 2010

I just finished writing another chapter of the book, this one on
adding Text to Speech to your Activities.  I've also made various
additions and corrections to the rest of it.  If you want to check out
what I have a PDF created with OBJAVI! is available here:


I'm going to start working on code samples for a Collaboration chapter
next, and I want to do a chapter on debugging Sugar Activities after
that.  I think Walter had developed some code to let you run Sugar
Activities outside of the Sugar environment and that would be a good
fit for the debugging chapter.  For collaboration I'm going to try to
put together a sort of half-finished game called "Battle Royale Tic
Tac Toe".  I'll also write about file sharing as used by Read Etexts.

Once I have this material added I think I'll have enough to make it
worth putting on the front page of the site.  That won't mean it's
finished, but enough of it will be that the book could be considered

I welcome collaborators as well as editors on this.  There are many
topics you could put in a book like this that I'm not qualified to

I'm up to 87 pages now.

James Simmons

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