[IAEP] "keep the trademark process pleasant" notes

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Jan 15 14:32:20 EST 2010

Bernie and I had a short convo in IRC after SLOBs on what we should keep 
an eye out for in order to make sure his concerns about keeping our 
trademark process easy and pleasant for requestees were addressed. 
Really short convo, but logs below.


Important stuff below.

14:27:45 	IDEA 	mchua 	The goal of the trademark approval process is to 
make it as much like this as possible: (1) Email us. (2) SLOBs says OK.

14:29:37 	IDEA 	mchua 	the trademark process doc should reflect this - 
basically, "The process is (1) email us, and (2) we'll try to respond 
with a decision within a week, but can't always promise to do so, and 
(3) we'll generally say yes - see some examples of prior proposals and 
the discussion about them and how long it took them to go through."

14:30:22 	IDEA 	mchua 	have a Licensing clerk who's responsible for 
initially receiving those proposals and helping them go through SLOBs in 
a timely manner

14:30:33 	IDEA 	mchua 	create an email alias for said clerk (licensing at sl.o)

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