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Marten Vijn info at martenvijn.nl
Wed Jan 13 12:57:12 EST 2010

On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 08:20 -0500, Luke Faraone wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 03:14, Simon Schampijer <simon at schampijer.de>
> wrote:
>         On 01/12/2010 08:55 PM, Marten Vijn wrote:
>         > - I got cc'ed halfway a thread
>         > - some mail are 4-5 times (cc'ing / crossposting)
> Your mail client doesn't collate mails with similiar content and
> identical Message-IDs? 

no is does not. 

> Maybe Gmail has me spoiled, but I'm sure there are ways in other
> clients...

If gmail becomes standard, may it is time to leave sugarlabs. Which
can't be too painfull for sugarlabs, since I don't do to much. I just
tried to answer a question. I do have a lot more email to read, so
optimizing means also disadvantages.

>         Hmm, some people do cc people to highlight specific persons
>         some do
>         remove cc and only post to the list to keep traffic low. We
>         should at
>         least have a guideline about it, otherwise you can not rely on
>         a
>         constant income-stream.
> I for one like it when people use Cc:. If I'm CC'd to an email that is
> relevant to me, I'm more likely to see it and respond to it.  

please don't cc me, I am a member is of this mailinglist. 

kind regards,

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