[IAEP] dealing with mailing lists

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Tue Jan 12 11:58:07 EST 2010


this message is to share my concern with the fact that people that
could play a very important role in Sugar Labs have expressed their
inability to read and participate on any of our mailing lists. Any
ideas about what we could do here? Is Walter's Community Newsletter
enough? What about when we know that their feedback is needed?

I would also like to suggest to those colleagues who are subscribed to
the mailing lists but are not being able to keep up with them
regularly, to set up a rule in their mail client that highlights those
emails that include their addresses in CC or that mention their names.
This is a simple step that will allow them to keep up with the
subjects they care most about without forcing them to peruse all
emails in all mailing lists.



«Sugar Labs is anyone who participates in improving and using Sugar.
What Sugar Labs does is determined by the participants.» - David

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