[IAEP] NZ Volunteers presenting at LCA2010

Tabitha Roder tabitha.roder at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 18:05:07 EST 2010


The NZ volunteers are presenting at LCA2010 during the education miniconf
(Tuesday 19 January) and are going to have a booth at the Open Day (well
actually two booths - OLPC and Sugar) in Wellington. We have started a
presentation that will lead to workshop on how to hack Sugar activity view
layouts (note the audience of LCA is technical).


If anyone would like to input into our presentation or give us ideas and
feedback please feel free to email us on our list  <olpc-nz at lists.laptop.org

We appreciate any help offered and will make the presentation available to
others to use at other events.

Tabitha Roder

NZ Volunteers - OLPC and Sugarlabs
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