[IAEP] EToys Saving Problem

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Jan 8 17:14:11 EST 2010

On 08.01.2010, at 22:14, Gerald Ardito wrote:
> Bert,
> I have been working with students to create EToys projects.
> Two of them were working yesterday on their projects, which I saw. Their work was very good, and almost done. When they went to finish it today, yesterday's work was not in the Journal, nor were there any other records in the Journal of earlier sessions on this project.
> So, I have some questions:
> 1. Under what conditions could this happen?

Don't know. Is there anything in the log?

> 2. Is it possible that the project is on the XO, but not showing in the Journal? If so, where might I find it.

It's unlikely, but try

 find /home/olpc/isolation -name \*.pr

which would look for Etoys projects in the rainbow-jailed folders.

> 3. Can you suggest any way to recover this work?

If you find a project file you can use "copy-to-journal" to add it to the Journal.

- Bert -

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