[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] Mockup for collab.sugarlabs.org

Wade Brainerd wadetb at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 10:22:19 EST 2010


It's great to hear that people are doing the combined developer <->
teacher <-> student approach.  It was just a rhetorical idea so it's
awesome to see it occurring in practice :)

ReckonPrimer looks quite cool btw.  I especially like how the
development has been tied to pedagogical efforts.  Do you think it
will be stable enough to post on activities.sugarlabs.org soon?

Best regards,

2010/1/8 Walther Neuper <neuper at ist.tugraz.at>:
> Hi Wade,
> thanks for your initiative !
> We would like to adjust (contribute?) to your efforts, since we just begin
> to try the same in a mini-environment: (student-)developers at our
> university + teacher students + teachers at Austrian schools.
> Walther
> PS: preliminary homepage www.ist.tugraz.at/projects/isac/rp
> Wade Brainerd wrote:
>> On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 9:47 AM, Aleksey Lim <alsroot at member.fsf.org>
>> wrote:
>>> All mentioned above could be(already) done in existed env. But the major
>>> idea of collab.sl.o proposal is bringing life to existed scheme by
>>> stimulating users to share their needs(due to having convenient
>>> "ASLO for needs" site).
>> Hi Aleksey,
>> We definitely need to improve our lines of communication with users
>> (deployments, teachers, students and casual).  As a programmer I
>> appreciate a good technical solution to this problem.
>> I think it's more a personal problem than a tech problem though. [...]
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