[IAEP] Mockup for collab.sugarlabs.org

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Wed Jan 6 06:24:17 EST 2010

Hi all,

Maybe initial question was obvious(at least in case of necessity of
fixing some issues in sugar workflows).


It is initial mockup which describes possible collab.sugarlabs.org
workflows. It's not about particular implementation only how site could
behave. Particular implementations could be various, reusing existed
infrastructure like wiki/track/launchpad, using existed groupware web
based software or creating project from scratch. Site also could be
lightweight and only contain groupware component and links to other
resources like wiki or track.

Collab site could have several modes:

* for requesters
* for coordinators
* for contributors

Every mode will provide only useful components for particular audience.
For example requesters mode should be friendly as much as possible for
newcomers and especially for non-technical newcomers and full featured
groupware for experienced contributors.

Maybe contributor mode[1] is not so interesting since there are bunch of
groupware/project-management software and collab.sl.o could do the same.
And most interesting are requesters and coordinators modes that should be
most useful for people in the field.


If you think different, please create wnother workflow mockup and post
wiki link to this thread.

Please tweak this mockup and propose possible implementations.


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