[IAEP] SugarLabs Booth at SCaLE 8X?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 4 21:58:57 EST 2010

Still no one for a Sugar Labs booth at SCaLE yet....
I can't commit to the second booth until I know there will be someone there from SugarLabs to tend it.  2 is too many for one person to be in charge of!  I will try to get Gareth to hold off for a few more days in case we find someone who can commit.  Otherwise, I'm "outta here" on January 19... 2 weeks from tomorrow so we will have to go with the one for OLPC/SugarLabs.
You will, of course be welcome in the shared booth but it might get a bit crowded. Having the second one would really work much better.  But... it wouldn't look too good if no one comes and we end up with one empty for SugarLabs. Everyone will wonder why?
Remember, it's free and free is good!
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