[IAEP] XO-1.5 early production units now available to GENUINE contributors :)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Tue Feb 23 19:05:51 EST 2010

Please apply today if OLPC's brand new XO-1.5 laptop will help you make 
Sugar/Gnome/Learning/Deployment/Support Realities better!

I've modified the FAQ to make clear we also accept proposals for free 
laptops from those doing exceptional and creative outreach/advocacy work:

Background for those unfamiliar with the XO-1.5's breakthrough new 
performance and possibilities:

/Thanks-- group proposals especially welcome from user groups in any 
city worldwide!!

/(Smallprint: OLPC will pay for shipping and customs/import fees 
worldwide if you are approved, however we regret that some countries are 
impossible for legal reasons)/
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