[IAEP] "Make Your Own Sugar Activities" now linked to the front page of FLOSS Manuals

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 10:55:07 EST 2010

The book I'm working on, titled either "Make Your Own Sugar
Activities!" or "Making Sugar Activities" depending on where you look,
has been linked to the front page of FLOSS Manuals at my request. I
felt it was ready for that because it now has a reasonably complete
set of chapters. I'm going to be writing chapters on making new style
Toolbars and using PyGAME to write Activities, and of course I'll be
polishing up the existing chapters and code examples for some time to
come. Others have expressed an interest in contributing to the book
too, so it isn't actually finished.

However, I do think it's ready for new developers to start using and I
look forward to their feedback.

I can think of a lot more topics that could go in a book like this.
I'm interested in the work others have done creating Activities that
use JavaScript, for example.  I'm hoping that now that the book is
more or less published some of you will consider adding your own
chapters or improving on what I've written.  I also hope that some of
you will check out the topics in the book and refer people to the book
when they have questions on these topics.


James Simmons

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