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Flash is not the best option to develop games for the XO.  The XO does
include something call Gnash, which supports some of what Flash can do
but not everything.

Another thing to consider is that an Activity on the XO (or running
under Sugar) is more than the kind of self contained programs you
could make with Flash.  A good game under Sugar can be played by more
than one person at the same time.  These Shared Activities are a big
part of what Sugar is all about.

I am writing a book on developing Sugar Activities which should be of
use to you.  A recent draft is at:


I have asked for the book to be published and linked to the "Read"
page at flossmanuals.net.  When that happens (later today, I hope)
this will be newer than the PDF.  The PDF should be adequate to get
you started.

James Simmons

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> Hello to everyone,
> I am writing to you in reference to some guidance I require towards my
> dissertation.
> I am currently a student of MSc in Games Designing at Leeds Metropolitan
> University Leeds.
> I am writing my dissertation on, "Development of educative game on XO
> laptop" and intend to develop educative games for children in the age group
> of 5-6 years for Indian schools.
> Having known your experience and expertise in this field, your advice would
> be extremely valuable for me. If you could find some time kindly suggest me
> some important points I should bear in my mind while developing this
> educative game. Also, if possible please send me your general view regarding
> this topic. I am enclosing a plan of my dissertation for further details.
> The proposal attached to it idea what i have to do.
> I want to brief about the game which I am developing. It is about to teach
> the children about different mode of transportation and its application. Can
> you guide me one thing, XO laptop support flash or not because I am
> developing the game in flash..
> Regards
> Parichay Parivesh
> +447503433720

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