[IAEP] Sugar on a Stick Documentation Joins the Stage

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Wed Feb 17 10:37:39 EST 2010

Martin Langhoff wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 3:53 PM, Sebastian Dziallas<sebastian at when.com>  wrote:
>> I've taken some hours last weekend to spend some time to finally get
> Very cool. What's the build line? I perused the XML looking for "how
> to reproduce soas builds" ;-) but it's understandably not there yet.

Hehe! :)

That should be: publican build --format=html --lang=en-US

publican lives here: https://fedorahosted.org/publican/

> The documentation I did read is very good -- but there is something
> makes I wonder about -- what's the advantage of this over a wiki? The
> barriers of entry to editing this guide are *very* high, specially for
> documentation people...

Yeah, I see that point clearly. I believe the major advantages for using 
this over wikis when creating guides or release notes is that we can 
create a variety of formats just by adjusting one line (i.e. try 
s/html/pdf or s/html/epub) and the ability to translate it easily.

Translating stuff in the wiki sucks. Admittedly, I'm no translator nor 
have I tried it with publican, yet. But from looking at how Fedora's 
doing it, it should be pretty straight forward.

> (I am a formet git developer, and have no prob with docbook... but I
> still find wikis more inviting...)

Yup, they're certainly more inviting. Heh, I'm not even really 
experienced with docbook and figured most of the stuff out last weekend.

So what I think might be reasonable would be to use the wiki as the 
source for content, where thoughts are gathered and stuff, and to create 
the actual guides which are published later using publican.


> cheers,
> m

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