[IAEP] New version of Making Sugar Activities for review

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 11:07:40 EST 2010

The link is here:


I finished the chapter on Making Shared Activities.  I had originally
planned to write a simple Activity to demonstrate DBus Tubes but
instead I decided to show how to get the Scribble and Batalla Naval
Activities working in sugar-emulator and described how they worked in
some detail.  I'd like more knowledgeable developers to check out that
chapter and let me know if I hit or missed the Barco.

I still can't get Salut collaboration working in Fedora 11.  If I knew
how to fix the problem I'd add the information to the chapter.

I'm going to do a couple of short chapters next.  One will be on
debugging Sugar Activities and the other will be suggestions for
further reading.  Once those are done I'll probably ask for the book
to be put on the front page of Floss Manuals, probably using the title
"Making Sugar Activities" rather than "Make Your Own Sugar
Activities!" (which I still prefer) because the site does not
currently deal well with titles of more than three words.

Other chapters will follow after that, including New Toolbars and
PyGame at least.  There are a *lot* more topics you could put in a
book like this and I'm still hoping some of you will want to write the
chapters I'm not qualified to do, like:

Sugarizing existing programs
Writing Activities In Languages Other Than Python
etc., etc.

James Simmons

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