[IAEP] Video Chat, Video Editing and VOIP activities for Sugar

Manusheel Gupta manu at laptop.org
Fri Feb 12 06:23:51 EST 2010

Dear friends,

6 developers working at SEETA <http://seeta.in> will be spearheading the
design and development of video chat, video editing and VOIP activities in
Sugar starting Feb. 15. We have been trying to arrive at a decision on the
approach to be followed -  designing the application and writing the code
from ground zero vs. porting an existing open source application to Sugar.

We have been examining a number of open source applications, and believe
that it will be easier to port the following applications to Sugar than
reinventing the wheel  -

1. Video Chat - Pidgin  (http://www.pidgin.im/)
2. Video Editor - PiTiVi  (http://www.pitivi.org/)
3. VOIP activity - Shtoom (http://divmod.org/trac/wiki/ShtoomProject)

Wish to have your feedback on issues, implementation strategies and external
dependencies that we might have overlooked.


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