[IAEP] Haitian Creole for Education Community Dinner -- Saturday with OLPC/Sugar NYC

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Thu Feb 4 02:50:43 EST 2010


Even if you cannot make it to Saturday's full-day NYC Crisis Camp events 
(http://www.eventbrite.com/event/558710117) plz join our Haitian Creole 
for Education Community Dinner right afterwards, co-hosted with the One 
Laptop per Child/Sugar Labs NYC Volunteer Community, at superb Haitian 
Restaurant /KOMBIT!/

    279 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

    5:30PM Saturday, Feb 6

All welcome -- thanks for closing your laptop for an evening to talk 
about what a Kreyol E-Learning really means for those Haitian children 
who soon will be opening Theirs.

RSVP to holt @ laptop.org with your party size, so I can adjust the 
growing reservation!

Most important, thanks all for investing your life's greatest skills 
this year in creating a foundation for Haiti's Library of Alexandria for 
Education, which we invite you to do starting here: 

Later Carmina will preview a colorful web site to help facilitate 
community-organizing of quality Kreyol works to this end, in whatever 
form this "Peoples Library" takes.

But one Book at a Time: /we here are intentionally starting translation 
with just 1 book, and a long horizon/.  That is http://laptop.org/manual 
created by deeply dedicated OLPC/Sugar volunteers, and very soon to be 
translated to Kreyol for Haitian kids (aged 5 to 95) thanks to the 
coordination of some Heroic people in NYC's Haitian community 
especially.  So these exact same 5-year olds might remember their little 
community guide to a more creative-collaborative 21st century, if not 
the elders who wrote it back in 2010 -- when these kids turn 95 too.  No 
matter how high the oceans in that year when that next (22nd) century 
quickly arrives...
--Adam Holt
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