[IAEP] [Olpc-Haiti] Need in Haiti: inexpensive portable projectors forOLPC/XO classrooms

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Feb 3 16:18:55 EST 2010

On 03.02.2010, at 11:51, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> I also wonder if
> http://www.amazon.com/Porta-Trace-Mini-Sketch-5x-Opaque-Projector/dp/B000A3E2T2
> might work, if just placed on an XO screen.  There might still be heat
> issues, but it's cheap enough that an experiment might be warranted.
> --scott

That's a cute idea! Needs to be larger though - the XO's screen is 6.0x4.5 inches, and this one only sees 3.5x3.5. The middle one (5x5) is still to small, the big one (7x7) would fit but is already close to the XO's price itself. Worth a try though ...


- Bert -

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