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Frits Hoff f.hoff at openwijs.nl
Sat Dec 11 04:41:24 EST 2010

The Dutch foundation is managing small OLPC pilots in 10 different 
Bitfrost would be very usefull but we could never find actual 
information about Bitfrost, only old information like the first link 
Does Bitfrost really excist on the XO or not?
Or only on XO's in large deployments?

in Senegal we used the XS schoolserver for the first time, it just 
started a month ago
With Moodle you can easily see what the children do with learning 
material in Moodle, privacy is not a problem in this way

We discussed about the XS at TEDx in Brussels, with OLPC France members, 
Christoph Derndorfer and Frederik Questier of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
The idea of the XS is very nice although we, and OLPC France, had a lot 
of problems with installing it
It works nice on a cheap PC (we were lucky?) as a server, although the 
manual is far from complete and the scripts are not always logical
If you want an affordable but professional server with Raid 1 it was not 
yet possible for us to install it.
Maybe it is better to use an universal Linux server protocol and write 
some scripts for the features we need?
Not to produce a better XS schoolserver but an Open Schoolserver for 
universal use? (an idea of Frederik Questier)

Moodle is not easy for people who use an electronic learning environment 
for the first time.
Although our foundation offers also Moodle most of our clients choose 
Chamilo (former known as Dokeos) when they tested both systems.
In a commercial view not nice for us because most of them don't need 
training to use it :(
And that's a big compliment for Chamilo.
Chamilo 2.0 will be even better, completely redesigned.
It would be nice to start a discussion with a test about this.

If we would like to have also Chamilo on the Open Schoolserver the head 
developer Yannick Warnier is willing to give a lot of support to do this.

with kind regards,

Frits Hoff

Op 10-12-2010 21:06, Sascha Silbe schreef:
 > Excerpts from Teemu Leinonen's message of Thu Dec 09 10:31:02 +0100 2010:
 >> Is it possible for a teachers to read (and comment) the student's
 >> Journals?
 >> Actually it would be great if all the Journals on XO could be (by
 >> default) open for reading (and commenting) by everyone in the learning
 >> community / local, near by XO users.
 > That would be the exact opposite of great and it's something Bitfrost
 > intends to protect against [1,2]. The Journal is called thus for a
 > reason: It records _everything_ the user did on the system (within
 > Sugar, that is) and not just school-related work. If Journal entries
 > are to be published, it needs to be on an opt-in basis, not opt-out.
 > There has been some experimental work [3] to allow others to access
 > your Journal (and a way to choose a license [4] for each entry), but
 > nothing actually usable so far (AFAIK at least).
 > Sascha
 > [1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Bitfrost#Compromising_privacy
 > [2] 
 > [3] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Journal%2C_reloaded
 > [4] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Creative_Commons
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Op 11-12-2010 10:06, Sascha Silbe schreef:
> Excerpts from Frits Hoff's message of Sat Dec 11 08:19:37 +0100 2010:
> [nothing because the mail was HTML-only]
> Can you resend as plain text, please? Even if I use a browser (w3m) to
> display the HTML, it's such a mess (on the screen - haven't tried
> reading the source) that I can't (easily) figure out what's quoted and
> what you wrote.
> Sascha

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