[IAEP] Will This Work???

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Fri Dec 10 16:13:22 EST 2010


   >> Actually it would be great if all the Journals on XO could be
   >> (by default) open for reading (and commenting) by everyone in
   >> the learning community / local, near by XO users.

   > That would be the exact opposite of great and it's something
   > Bitfrost intends to protect against [1,2]. The Journal is called
   > thus for a reason: It records _everything_ the user did on the
   > system (within Sugar, that is) and not just school-related
   > work. If Journal entries are to be published, it needs to be on
   > an opt-in basis, not opt-out.

I think this argument is independent of Bitfrost; it's just a policy
decision about public-by-default vs. private-by-default.  Bitfrost (if
implemented) would try to enforce privacy, but that doesn't mean it
would make everything always be private; just things that it thought
the user wanted to be private.

We decided many years ago to go with private-by-default, hence the
current UI of opt-in sharing.  I still think it's an debate with
compelling arguments in both directions, but changing the decision
now would probably be too counter-intuitive to everyone, even if we
decided that public-by-default wins on the merits.

- Chris.
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