[IAEP] [SoaS] Reformat USB stick, How?

Kevin Kirton kpkirton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 02:57:32 EDT 2010

> Now, since no one has answered my concerns about using a direct download
> from Fedora's Live USB creator for windows using my cute little mauve
> colored eeePC I'm going to give it a try anyway.

If by "direct download" you mean the option in Live USB creator to
choose an OS to download before creating a USB stick with it, I have
tried it and it does work, but I think it's just automating one of the
steps you need to do before making a live USB, that is, it goes to the
Net and downloads the OS for you. But you wouldn't want to use this if
you were planning to make multiple copies of the same OS on multiple
USB sticks, because it would probably (I haven't checked) be
downloading the file of the OS multiple times too. That would take a
lot of time. I think it's easier to download once the file you're
going to use, and if this is SoaS, this would be here:
then just browse to it in Fedora's Live USB Creator.

By the way, I've noticed lots of new instructions on the SoaS site
since I last visited there, so it seems lots is happening there. I'm
sure it's getting easier all the time.

Kevin Kirton

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