[IAEP] Reformat USB stick, How?

Andrea Mangiatordi (Gmail) andrea.mangiatordi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 11:14:42 EDT 2010

Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi All,
> In my experiments trying to create usable SoaS sticks, I have had a few 
> flops.  Unfortunately these USB sticks now have a severe "identity 
> crisis." They believe they are actually CDs.  You can't write to them.  
> You can't rename them (at least not in a way a mere mortal like me knows 
> how to do).  Do I have to just junk them (like throwing away money... 
> not good).  Or, is there an easy way to reformat them and start all 
> over?  Maybe even a hard way?

you should be able to reformat them by using different tools:
- on MacOS: disk utility -> reinitialize disk to FAT32 format
- on linux: gparted -> you can delete partitions, shrink them, copy them 
  on a per byte basis...
- on Windows: you should be allowed to "format" them from the right 
click menu which opens on them in Explorer

hope this helps,

Andrea Mangiatordi


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