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Hi James,

Thanks for the great suggestions and offer.  I will work on this after Saturday.  I am busy reflashing 12 XOs from the CUELA lending library and all my Roadshow In A Box machines (including a bunch of M-stock I repaired).  Saturday is "showtime" at the LAUSD InfoTech at the LA Convention center.  I will be showing off SoaS running on a MacBook and the cutest little mauve and pearl-white eeePC you ever saw!  I will also have at least 1 XO-1 for folks to play with and one XO-1.5... probably showing off the Gnome desktop.  The twelve machines from the CUELA library will ba available to check out to CUELA members.  I will be very, very, busy!

P.S. I bought a nice lavender netbook case for my pearl and mauve refurb eeePC today... but I guess you guys don't care about that sort of thing... ;-D (maybe Caroline would)

> Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 21:19:45 -0500
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> Caryl,
> If I were you I would rewrite what there is until it does meet your
> standards.  If someone already knows things like what a BIOS is he
> doesn't need a guide.  The Wiki page we have already is adequate.
> BIOS is different for different kinds of PCs.  Some have a "boot menu"
> option, which lets you select the device to boot from.  All have a
> "setup" which more often than not will let you specify a boot sequence
> (first try the USB, then the floppy drive, then the hard drive).
> Older PCs don't support booting off a USB at all.
> I'll help you on this if I can.  I should be able to provide screen
> shots, digital pictures of BIOS screens, etc.  I'm sure others will
> help as well.
> In any case I would not worry about what is already there.  I think
> the people who wrote it would agree that it is not suitable for the
> audience intended without some revisions.
> James Simmons
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 7:01 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Thanks for the link...
> >
> > Most of this was written by other folks and doesn't meet what I would call
> > Grannie's Guide standards... i.e.,  it needs to be able to be used by folks
> > who haven't a clue what BIOS is and it needs to stay out of complicated
> > instructions.  Plug'n Play is the goal. For example, BIOS can be avoided
> > completely in the eeePC by pressing the "esc" key. Is this true for most
> > PCs?
> >
> > Unfortunately, I think that once a title is established in a FLOSS manual,
> > it is there forever.  Maybe we can modify somehow or add a new  "Super
> > Simple Sugar Guide" with a link.  The target audience is the average
> > classroom teacher whose computer experience probably does not go beyond
> > email, creating documents and maybe using a classroom management system like
> > BlackBoard or Moodle.
> >
> > I am just being really, really realistic here. The FLOSS Grannie's Guide
> > might work for the school IT person, but not every school can afford one and
> > sometimes they are just a teacher who volunteers in exchange for a lighter
> > teaching load, foolishly thinking it will be easier!  Not!
> >
> > Caryl (aka "Grumpy Grannie")
> >
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