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Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 20:01:51 EDT 2010

Thanks for the link...

Most of this was written by other folks and doesn't meet what I would call Grannie's Guide standards... i.e.,  it needs to be able to be used by folks who haven't a clue what BIOS is and it needs to stay out of complicated instructions.  Plug'n Play is the goal. For example, BIOS can be avoided completely in the eeePC by pressing the "esc" key. Is this true for most PCs?  

Unfortunately, I think that once a title is established in a FLOSS manual, it is there forever.  Maybe we can modify somehow or add a new  "Super Simple Sugar Guide" with a link.  The target audience is the average classroom teacher whose computer experience probably does not go beyond email, creating documents and maybe using a classroom management system like BlackBoard or Moodle. 

I am just being really, really realistic here. The FLOSS Grannie's Guide might work for the school IT person, but not every school can afford one and sometimes they are just a teacher who volunteers in exchange for a lighter teaching load, foolishly thinking it will be easier!  Not!

Caryl (aka "Grumpy Grannie") 
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