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Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi...
> Still no luck making a live SoaS on the eeePC.  I guess need to learn a lot more about Windows before I can do it.  I have no idea which drive is which (A,B,...F,G...etc) or how to properly eject. a usb.  Oh well, I do have 2 working non-persistant copies I can use Saturday, one on the MacBook and one on the eeePC.
1* Start fedora liveusb-creator program on the EeePC

2* Browse "Use existing Live CD"
select the .iso for Blueberry that you downloaded to the EeePC desktop.
(You can transfer (Copy/paste) it from the SugarCreationKit DVD to a 
second USB in your mac) OR do a download to the desktop from the web.)

3* Target Device
(insert the Target USB and the target USB name will change
note that there is a down arrow to the right of the target name.
when you click on it it will show the new USB you just inserted)
to confirm this pull it out and that name will disappear)
Then reinsert the target USB, and chose that name from the drop down box.

4* Persistent Storage
slide to the right till you get 800MB

5* Create Live USB
hit button at bottom and you will begin creating the new live USB.

6* Shut down EeePC

7* Insert the Target USB and hit the <tab> key as it boots up

8* Choose the USB from the menu that will pop up, Hit return.


Tom Gilliard

> I spent today printing and preparing materials to hand out at InfoTech on Saturday. Tomorrow I have to go get the CUELA XO library machines, bring them home and get them all reflashed and charged so I can check them out to teachers on Saturday. So, I am running out of time to do much more with SoaS before Saturday.  
> I do intend to pursue this until it is at a point when I can write the "Super Simple Steps to Soas," or something like that.  Here is my report and some of my problems.
> Problems keep coming up when I try to run the Live usb Creator on the eeePC. It keeps choosing the my source drive as the one to use as a target.  Sometimes it looks like it is ready to work, but then comes up with the message that the checksums are wrong.  I have no idea how to check them after downloading and before using them.
> I do notice that there is an option to download the software as a part of the creation process.  I assume this would cause fewer problems. Can the eeePC handle this? I could have it run overnight.
> What does it mean when it says that I am running out of "Virtual Memory?"  What is the largest size SD card can I use?  How do I implement its use? Macs are so much easier (even though they can't do everything we wish they could).
> Maybe I should just visit the local library and check out a copy of Windows for Dummmies, or should it be PCs for Dummies?  I haven't a clue.
> I did check on the frame triggers on the eeePC.  The corners (all except the upper left) worked to trigger the frame.  The suggestions to use the "fn" key to enable the F1, F2, and F3 keys to do what they do on the XO worked great. That is the "teacher friendly" way to solve that problem.
> I notice that there has been a lot of use of SoaS in Argentina and some other Latin American countries.  Are they using the same basic methods to create the usb sticks? I was thinking of asking them for suggestions too.
> I'll keep you posted on my progress (or lack of it ;-D )
> Thanks again to all of you who are helping me with this learning experience,
> Caryl
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