[IAEP] SoaS on eeePC900... change boot order in BIOS... not working.

Pato Acevedo patitoacevedo at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 21 00:17:22 EDT 2010

Hi Caryl:

1.-    Attempt to 
update the bios? 
2.-    Inserted the USB stick into the single USB port on the left side.  Then it  shows in the boot  menu.There are reports 
about using one of the two  ports  on the right resulted in failed


> HI Friends,
> I am now struggling with several new SoaS issues.  Let's solve them one at a time.
> If you have an eeePC900 can you tell me how to get it to boot first from a USB stick?
> It keeps going directly to Windows.  I have managed to enter the BIOS utility and  on the Boot page change the boot order priority to put the USB as #1.  I saved and exited.
> But it is still going directly to Windows even though it actively reads the USB stick.
> Hints anyone?  Saturday is fast approaching!
> I'll keep trying and report back if I stumble on the answer.
> Caryl
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