[IAEP] Progress Report on SoaS for InfoTech

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 20 20:18:18 EDT 2010

Hi Folks...

Here is a progress report on my attempt to get SoaS ready to demonstrate at InfoTech this coming Saturday.  I was hoping to have it ready to "Disseminate" as well, but that part hasn't come together yet. So, for now it is "Demonstrate, yes. Disseminate, no.".... But that could change for the better!

So the good news, bad news is:

Good News: I have 2 non-persistant SoaS blueberry usb sticks that I can run on my  MacBook with the boot-helper cd (hold down the "c" key until Sugar comes on the screen).  

Bad News: Function keys won't work at all. Can't get "home" if you open the Journal.  Hangs on Tam-Tam Mini. Also if you turn the sound off with the Mac sound key, you can't turn it back on.  But all in all, it is a viable start.

Good News: It also runs on my new (refurbished) eeePC (it is so cute!) by plugging in the SoaS and, as Dave Bauer suggested, holding down the Esc key until a screen allowing you to choose the boot device appears. Thank you Dave!

Good News: One of these sticks was created on a friend's PC with the Fedora Live USB creator.  

Bad news: We thought we were making it with persistent storage but, for some reason, that part didn't work.

Good News: The other one was created on my Macbook with the help of many phone calls back and forth with George Hunt.  We finally got it to work, and I took copious notes and did another after we did the first one together. Thanks George!

Bad News: I couldn't manage to get a third one made yesterday.  Terminal couldn't find the image-writer-mac file on my Mac. I even deleted the one I had and downloaded again... but no luck.  (I was trying to make one of the 64bit versions). 

Other Bad news, I still haven't succeeded in creating a live cd of either Strawberry or Blueberry.  Don't know why.  Tried to do it in Disk Utility on my MacBook which "should" work. But, it didn't.

After my Chinese class, NCIS, and dinner tonight, I will try to work on some of these problems... principally on creating a persistant live usb on the eeePC.  Stay tuned!


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