[IAEP] Data vs Critical Thinking - Can Sugar give schools both?

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Why can't computers for children both give them the means for creation,
independent learning, collaboration etc etc. and give their teacher
detailed, nuanced, actionable data on what skills they have mastered and
what they are still struggling with?

I observed a class that uses RTI (Response to Intervention).  All students
are screened 3X a year with a 5 minute screening test on reading skills.
 Students who do not do well on the screens are given extra instruction and
screened every 2 or 3 weeks, again with a 5 minute test.

The teacher in this classroom not only knows who her struggling readers are
she has indepth understanding of their skills and weaknesses.  This child
has problems with the sounds of vowels inside a word. She needs to give
teach them strategies for trying other vowels if their first attempt doesn't
make sense. These two students have issues with constant sounds at the end
of the word, so she has them play a game before class that works on that.

Computers are great at collecting and managing data.

Sugar is great at "creating inquisitive, creative, resourceful thinkers,
informed citizens, effective problem [solvers], groundbreaking pioneers, and
visionary leaders."

Problem solvers, groundbreaking pioneers and visionary leaders need to know
their phonics and their basic math skills.  We have the capability to build
tools that help teachers know and track which students are struggling with
what skills, and provide the collaborative framework for them to collect
data and share it to determine what works to teach those skills to all

If you missed it last time my RTI explanation for engineers video is here:

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