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Does the Acer Aspire One 532H support wireless in fedora?
I have the EeePC1000HE here and have to use Ubuntu 9.04 to get wireless 
to work.
MY test netbook:EeePC900 (mandriva) does work with soas out of the box.

Tom Gilliard

Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi Caryl,
> The netbook that I am recommending at the moment is the Acer Aspire One 532H
> http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/13/acer-aspire-one-532h-review/
> It is well supported in Fedora (I think everything works out of the
> box for both Fedora and Sugar) and is the device that Mel is using for
> her pilot in Boston. Its the newer generation of hardware. It comes
> with Windows 7 but then most current netbooks do.
> Peter
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 5:35 AM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All...
>> I have decided that I really should invest in an inexpensive windows  laptop
>> or netbook to use in my volunteer work with Sugar Labs and OLPC. I have been
>> looking online and visited one electronics store yesterday (Fry's).  Here
>> are my thoughts...
>> I would prefer an ultralight netbook with a good webcam so I can travel with
>> it and use it for Skype.
>> If I get a netbook it will have to have 3 usb ports so that I can plug in an
>> optical drive that can burn dvds and cds.  The one I am looking at draws
>> it's power from 2 usb ports so I would need another to be able to plug in a
>> usb stick or drive or anything else usb (unless I get a usb hub... rather
>> not).
>> I don't like windows in general, but If I have to have it, would prefer xp.
>> Linux is nice, but the easiest instructions seem to be for Windows machines
>> and very few of the educators I will be working with will have Linux.
>> At Fry's they let me play a bit.  I put an SoaS usb stick in an MSI and it
>> booted on startup with no problems.  It would not start on a Gateway. With
>> no optical drive, I can't rely on a boot helper cd.  There were other, more
>> expensive machines, but time was short so that was all I tried.
>> I want to spend as little $$$ as possible. After all, I have a perfectly
>> wonderful MacBook and this other machine will be used mainly for my
>> volunteer work. The Mac will run SoaS, with a boot helper disk, will burn
>> cds and dvds, but it is much easier to create the SoaS sticks on a Windows
>> machine.
>> So here is the question...  Which netbooks and laptops will work with SoaS
>> on a Plug-'n-Play basis like the MSI did?
>> Do you know of any other electronics store chains that might let me come in
>> and test SoaS on their floor models?
>> Do you know of any place to get a really good price on these machines?
>> My son (a Computer Educator Extraordinare) said he likes Toshiba, Samsung,
>> and either Acer or Asus but has not tried Sugar on any of them. He
>> definitely advised against getting the MSI.
>> I would love to get this before the 24th so I would have it at the InfoTech
>> exhibit. Any and all suggestions would be welcome.
>> Caryl
>> P.S. There goes my tax refund!
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