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    * 100 machines purchased by the SOBOCE foundation, maybe 20 or less
      are still operational in a school in Viacha (despite our best
      efforts, they don't seem willing to accept help)
    * an indeterminate number brought and given away by Marcelo Claure,
      CEO of Brightstar, mostly to kids in the soccer team he owns and
      in raffles during games his team plays.
    * 25 XOs in assorted state of repair, through OLPC Repair Centers,
      mostly in the hands of local development / research / localization
      people connected with SCELinux and OLE Bolivia that I managed to
      get through customs on several trips.  Most of those used for
      lobbying and grassroots work by the valiant Bolivian volunteers
      come from this lot, and maybe the ones with the biggest impact so
      far in gaining some government goodwill despite.  As they were
      repaired, several of these also made it to the Manuela Gandarillas
      Center for the blind.
    * Apparently maybe 5 to 20 more have arrived through different
      independent Contributor Program requests I have no more detailed
      info on.
    * 12 machines from individual donors, currently in a La Paz city
      orphanage, through OLE Bolivia.  10 more from the same origin in
      my closet here in Austin, waiting for the next trip and whether I
      am foolish enough to brave customs again (last time it was messy,
      wish me luck)
    * an indeterminate number given away to assorted poo bahs including
      the President by Claure, Arboleda and others, some of them dating
      back to B1 models
    * Hope in a 2-year delayed 200-XO deploy with help from a Danish NGO.

Dominican Republic

    * apparently 2.000 units were given away to kids by President Lionel
      at some public function.  No further anything is known of this,
      except that apparently they were part of maybe 3.000 that came as
      gifts from Carlos Slim of Mexico when Slim was apparently handing
      out 3.000 lots all over Central America and the Caribbean.  Note
      that Lionel was very connected with NN early on (maybe even an MIT
      alumn?), and some very, very early prototypes were given to
      Dominican researchers (we had BIG hopes in the DR being one of the
      first places to really take off)

OT, enjoy this comic

- Juanelo!  I am so angry with you!
- Why is that, Mr. Minister?

- You made me go through such an embarrassing situation!
     You remember those notebooks I asked you get bids on?
- yeah...

- when we presented them as gifts to those schoolchildren, they found 
out they were made out of sticks!  I was like Mister Ridiculous!

- ....

- so, what? Next time you'd rather I prioritize quality over price?

(what really gets me :-( is that Juanelo, from Chile, obviously sees 
computers as being presented as a "gift" by the Minister and other 
authorities to the children :-( )

On 04/08/2010 11:45 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> Hi Caroline,
> this is a gorgeous presentation, definitely one of the very best ones
> that ever have been done on Sugar!
> While I can't help with the map of OLPC deployments (AFAIK no current
> one is available at the time) here's to the best of my knowledge the
> list of countries with OLPC projects in one form or another (@everyone,
> please let me know if this needs to be updated!):
> Afghanistan
> Austria
> Bhutan
> Brazil
> Cambodia
> China
> Colombia
> Ethiopia
> Ghana
> Haiti
> India
> Iraq
> Kazakhstan
> Lebanon
> Mali
> Mexico
> Mongolia
> Mozambique
> Nepal
> Nicaragua
> Nigeria
> Niue
> Pakistan
> Palestine
> Papua New Guinea
> Paraguay
> Peru
> Russia
> Rwanda
> Senegal
> Solomon Islands
> South Africa
> Sri Lanka
> Thailand
> United States
> Uruguay
> Vietnam
> Cheers,
> Christoph
> Am 08.04.2010 04:53, schrieb Caroline Meeks:
>> I am giving a presentation at FOSS VT on Friday, anything anyone wants
>> me to mention or request to an audience of teachers and school IT people?
>> The draft of my presentation is here: http://prezi.com/ffn2vdg0ylcr/
>> I'd love a map that helps me talk about the OLPC deployments if anyone
>> has done one.
>> Has anyone done any updates or additional activities slides?
>> Thanks!
>> Caroline
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