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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Wed Sep 23 12:19:19 EDT 2009

El Tue, 22-09-2009 a las 16:51 +0100, Gary C Martin escribió:
> This is not a "what if" it works right now and since 0.84. Any .xo  
> bundle in your Journal can be 'sent to' over the either to any friend,  
> where by Journal will automatically install it for them. I have sent  
> the Physics.xo bundle to a number of remote folks via this method  
> (followed by sending example physics simulations). If you take into  
> account sneaker net, you've always been able to pop a .xo on a USB  
> stick and hand it to someone else. This is a reason I'd be happy to  
> see all .xo bundles appear in the Journal (so they can be shared, or  
> hacked on by our users).
> Lets not loose one of the major open source benefits of Sugar, that  
> the commercial competition really can't provide.

Sure.  You make it sound like I said "let's drop the activity sharing
feature, when in fact I was talking about esoteric scenarios, such as a
user of i386-fedora10-sugar0.84 who wants to share a *binary* activity
bundle with another user running armel-squeeze-sugar0.86.

The use cases that work now would continue to work with any package
format.  Those that do not work now, would at least fail gracefully.

In a distant future, we could even come up with good fallbacks for these
"what if" scenarios.  But I wouldn't recommend complicating the design
*for* them.

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