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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Sep 21 19:01:13 EDT 2009

El Mon, 21-09-2009 a las 23:47 +0100, Martin Dengler escribió:
> The whole point of Rainbow is that what I think you're talking about
> isn't an issue, and it's encouraged that kids share Activities.
> Eliminating this sharing ability is one of the problems with the
> current rpm / PackageKit proposals AIUI.

Currently, Rainbow is a much weaker protection than, say, the Javascript
sandbox of a browser.  And, realistically, it will never get close to be
that good.

Besides, the way you *install* a program does not affect the way you
*run* it.  I could install the same malicious program by unpacking a zip
file or an rpm (which is a cpio archive with a header).

What could be achieved with the .xo bundles that couldn't be achieved
with an rpm?

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