[IAEP] [Sugar-devel] [SLOBS] SoaS: Searching for Decision Panel volunteers.

Philippe Clérié philippe at gcal.net
Mon Sep 21 12:27:22 EDT 2009

> For long-term security and support, we could adopt the Linux model: push
> this concern down to the distributors and let them do a profitable
> business out of it.
> This creates a sustainable market for Sugar.  Linux distributors who
> have successfully built a reputation for offering good customer support,
> such as Red Hat, do make good profits and do reinvest a large part
> of them to contribute back to Linux development.  Everyone wins.

I'm afraid you cannot « push » anything down to the distributors. 
Distributions will do what they do: package Sugar and let users do whatever 
they want to with it. 

However, as far as I can see right now, there is no identifiable market for 
Sugar. Yes, there are potentials, but until there is a distinct product, 
there is no market. Getting Sugar into the distributions, while worthy and 
necessary, does not guarantee the creation of that product. 



The trouble with common sense is that it is so uncommon.

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