[IAEP] Sugar evaluation and impact

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 22:32:10 EDT 2009

Gerald Ardito wrote:
> Walter,
> It just happens that in my district the 5th graders are in the middle 
> school.
> I consider them elementary students and they are still taught in an 
> elementary school fashion.
> Does that make sense?
> Gerald
No, not at all.  Shame on you! :-)

It's so funny, this thing about Sugar and the XO being for elementary 
children, and then we go around serependitiously messing things up. 
In Bolivia Primary goes up to 8th grade...  So it's OK to use them for 
8th grade there and not elsewhere?

In Uruguay they are trying to figure out how to make things happen as 
kids "graduate" Elementary as they go to Ciclo Básico Único for 7th 
grade, still carrying their laptops.  Should they stop using them 
because it was not designed for them?

And Richard Stallman tried (and gave up giving a peculiar excuse) to use 
the XO as his primary machine.
I used mine for the first 2 days of the recent Book Sprint as my work 
laptop (later I really needed several documents open at the same time, 
so I had to borrow a screen to plug to my desktop, embarrassed look here)

I am convinced that we are not done, by far, to find out how much we can 
get out of the XO, and keeping trying, while retaining some focus, is 
the way I suggest we follow.

(personally, I think that kids younger than 4th grade are better off 
using the Teachermate instead, but then, that's me)


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