[IAEP] [SLOBS] SLOBs Position on SoaS

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sat Sep 19 07:49:52 EDT 2009

2009/9/19 Chris Ball <cjb at laptop.org>:
>   "Should Sugar Labs be a Linux distributor, rather than just an
>   upstream producing Sugar releases?"
>   "Should SL be neutral about distributions containing Sugar, and
>   refuse to endorse one over another?"
>   "Should 'Sugar on a Stick' be a phrase that SL asks its community
>   to avoid using unless they refer to the SoaS-Fedora distribution?"

After speaking with Sebastian on IRC, I think we concluded that really
only the 3rd question is of importance to him at this time. The other
2, which may involve a lot more consideration and discussion could be
avoided for now (that would be my vote).

The 3rd question is important to Sebastian because of some doubt
regarding the 'ownership' and usage of the name "Sugar on a Stick."
This is perfectly understandable given that:
 - Sugar on a stick has been a concept within the community for a long
time, only recently has it become a solid, mainstream implementation
(and even then, there was still a strong element of concept in the
 - Non-Fedora distros have also started making sugar distros that run
from live USB, and although they haven't been named "Sugar on a
stick," I recall at least a few mentions from people in the community
referring to them that way
 - Another party registered the domain name sugaronastick.com

This question has been discussed on the mailing list a few times and
we have a couple of conflicting responses:
 1. Give the name "Sugar on a stick" to Sebastian's project and
discourage anyone else from using it
 2. Let him use the name for now, but make no promises because if we
find a better live USB project in the future, we'll move the "sugar on
a stick" name over to *that* one (for the purposes of clarity of

This is the discussion that would benefit from a decision from the
oversight or decision groups, and because it's quite specific,
hopefully it can be answered without too much beating around the bush.

Sebastian, I hope the above is an accurate summary :)

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