[IAEP] I would be able to help test if we did snapshots of current status of f12 sugar on a daily basis.

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Fri Sep 18 00:39:07 EDT 2009

Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
> Thomas C Gilliard wrote:
>> Why did sugar labs discontinue daily snapshots?
> Sugar Labs did not discontinue to issue daily snapshots because it never
> build them. I'll reply in a more detailed way later today.


sorry for the brief reply yesterday. It's really busy over here with all 
these important discussions. So well. We never really had daily 
snapshots - those were all manually pushed. However, I do see how daily 
(or maybe weekly) snapshots could help to create some kind of... 

It's just that I didn't get to implement that, as the discussions on the 
project itself are somewhat time-consuming (that's not necessarily a bad 
thing, it's just the way it is). The work Martin Dengler has been doing 
on SoaS is really helpful, as it brings us closer to that goal.

So. All your work, testing and reports is appreciated. Really. :)

We'll just need to see how / when to realize such builds.


>> Tom Gilliard
>> satelit
> --Sebastian

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